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Simply send a stamped envelope to the person's last known address and include your return address on the top left corner of the envelope like in a normal letter. Then just below your return address be sure to include these magic words " Return Service Requested " These buzz words are called an endorsement. When the Post Office receives the letter with the endorsement, they'll send it back to you along with the person's new forwarding address. Match a name with their photo or age so you know you got the right person. Broken Link Even with Google Cache?

Enter web address into the Way Back Machine and hit "take me back". Shows info on website from years ago. US Search. Then look them up in the appropriate state, county and city databases. For search tricks click here. Plug the web address into the Way Back Machine by entering the website URL in the search box and hitting "take me back". For more on Counties, click Here. For more on Cities, click Here. Then do a records search in that county. Can even do a name search for homes in other states! Companies might have land, equipment or other assets.

Pierce the corporate veil. If the owner is using the company as their alter ego, you might be able to get their assets.

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Also see what else they own through criminal and bankruptcy records! Includes pensions. Find their name and contact information through their license plate which may also reveal the car they own as well as month of birth. Their Intellectual Property Consumer-SOS Find out all about their websites , copyrights , trademarks , brand names and international patents. Protecting Your Intellectual Property Consumer-SOS Get free email alerts of possible infringement so you can stop others from using your research, trademark or invention.

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The free tools below will send you an email alert or at least give you a one-stop link to check for updates. Type your name into their national search engine and you can learn if money is being held in your name. They also have a state directory where you can search for the same. If you are not sure of the correct spelling just type in the first few letters of the last name.

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Search by first and last name ONLY!. Or add a state where they live. Ever Been Divorced? Enter in a name or email address. Works best for yahoo emails. Often wrong on political party affiliation or marital status. Pretty extensive. Even found my elusive boss by her maiden name. Lists a job of mine, my DOB, plenty of my prior addresses and relatives.

Public Info Directory Birthdates, Addresses, Phone s While it's hit or miss here, you can hit the jackpot with 20 years of free address info, plus full date of birth and sometimes even the companies they own.

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Ages are not always accurate but it listed my addresses from law school and college! Scroll down the full page so you don't miss anything. Plug what you find into Google. Information varies but you usually get either a year or date of birth. However, if you can't find it sometimes you can find the person by going to these sites individually. Also Google voter registration search with the name of your state.

Choose your state and see what info they gave to the US government! Ages most accurate, address and partial affiliations subject to change. And these records are more common than you think! Also has age, places they've lived and possible relatives. Public Info Directory While it's hit or miss here, you can hit the jackpot with 20 years of free address info , plus full date of birth and sometimes even the companies they own.

Sometimes tells you the vehicles they bought, whether they visited the whitehouse and more! FastPeopleSearch Retrieves emails , the subject's companies , old phone numbers and cell phone s. It had plenty of the wrong ones but also the right ones mixed in. Google everything for more clues. Use OKcaller.

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To send an email to the subject, send it to yourself with all the other email adresses in the BCC field. The one where your subject responds is obviously the correct email! Radaris Search for names, ages, addresses and phone numbers.

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Good for tracking professionals-often lists work history and companies they've owned. Click on the person you want or scroll to the bottom of the page for even more. Compiles news on them. Click Here for alternate site. The last verified date gives you a crude picture of when the person may have moved. Also may lst where they've worked. May also list people who live together. Often gets relatives wrong. Takes a while to load. Age, Addresses Phone Numbers and Relatives advancedbackgroundchecks.

Then plug these addresses and phone s into Google for even more! Public Info Directory Birthdates, Addresses, Phone s While it's hit or miss here, you can hit the jackpot with 20 years of free address info , plus full date of birth and sometimes even the companies they own. For backup site click HERE. Do not use this general screen to search for phone numbers only. Doesn't do well for email reverse lookups either Name lookup may give address, birth month and year.

Tells who the owner of their residence is. After a few lookups you may be required to sign up for more free lookups. It's worth it. They give you at lease a dozen every month, maybe more! Address may not be current so verify by using government and professional licensing records. Peoplesmart Search for names, addresses and phone numbers. It's hit or miss if you'll get an address. Also has a reverse phone lookup function.

It's harder to search for common names as you cannot select a state to narrow down your leads. Then search that county's court records. By Their License Plate or Tickets Once you identify them, encourage them to make nice with this friendly letter below. Dear last name , at x date and time your vehicle was seen doing I have submitted your name, address and the make and model of your vehicle to the local police department.

Your license plate has also been reported to the following bad driver websites so others can furnish this to the police the next time you try a similar stunt. Good day. Businesses Finding People By Sometimes information taken from other published resources. May even have their photo.

Verify the job titles, salaries and length of employment of those who work for the goverment, non-profits, foundatons and large publicly traded corporations. No need to sign in.

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Information is self volunteered and may not be accurate. ZoomInfo Extracts information about people and companies from various published resources. However, often information is self published and may not be reliable.

Plaxo Photo, Profession Can search for photos based on a name. May list profession.